When it comes time to sell a house, some homeowners make mistakes that can cost them valuable time and money. Here are just a few things sellers should avoid doing if they want to sell their homes without fuss.

Homeowners should start with curb appeal. After all, it’s the first thing that buyers see before they enter a home. Poor curb appeal can hurt even the nicest of homes. No one wants to

A home that’s overly customized may drive away potential buyers for several reasons. First, they may struggle to imagine what your home would look like without that vibrant wallpaper. Secondly, they may not want to pay the cost, both in time and money, that it would take to undo those customizations and create a space that reflects them. This is why some people choose to repaint or make other modifications with neutral colors. Removing decor that points to political or religious affiliations is also a good idea.

Anyone who’s ever watched a homebuying show knows that the clutter has got to go. While it’s easy to focus on things that are obvious such as tables and counters, don’t forget about inside cabinets and closets. Clean up those spots and, if necessary, consider storing the contents offsite. This also protects your valuables when potential buyers tour your home.

While the way a home looks can be a dealbreaker, so can the way it smells. Smokers or pet owners are accustomed to the way that their home smells, but this can be abrasive to people who are not used to those smells. Removing smells may simply mean an extra deep cleaning, or it could require washing and painting walls as well as cleaning ducts, fixtures, and carpets. There are even companies that perform ozone treatments to remove those especially sticky smells.

A few home “improvements” can actually make a house harder to sell. This includes installing a urinal in the bathroom and building a sunroom.

Finally, beware of pricing. A house that needs a bit of work but is priced competitively compared to other homes in the neighborhood can sell faster.

Keeping these things in mind can make the process of selling a home less stressful and quicker, too