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3 Tips for Staging a Home

3 Tips for Staging a Home

When staging a home for potential buyers, it is important to create an environment that is comfortable, while still showing off some light personal tastes. The task of creating a model-esque home may seem daunting, but here are a few simple tenants used by professionals that help to ensure a great viewing experience.

1. Curb Appeal is Everything

The first thing any potential buyer will see when arriving is the outside of the home and the surrounding land. It is also the first thing they see when finding a listing online. It is imperative that they are given a first impression that draws them inside of the house, rather than turns them away. A freshly mowed lawn is an easy step that enhances the look of any home, and a clean, well-lit porch is another way to ensure that your guests enter your home with a positive attitude. If the space permits, porch chairs and other accents can make very welcoming additions.

2. Remove any Unnecessary Clutter

Now that your guests have entered, it is important that they are clearly able to see themselves living in the home. Unnecessary personal clutter distracts the viewer, preventing any significant level of imagination on behalf of the guest. While ‘clutter’ often means treasured personal mementos, numerous personal photographs and the like, it can also mean excessive wall art and table dressings. It is okay to stick with a few statement pieces, but they should never be anything excessively personable.

3. Proper Home Lighting

A final tip that can make any home look like a professional model is proper lighting. While natural light from outdoors is preferable, it may be necessary to artificially enhance your rooms with higher wattage bulbs and more effective light fixtures. HGTV recommends 100 watts of lighting for every 50 square feet of space. A well-lit room gives the illusion of more space, along with providing guests with an area that is both comfortable and welcoming.

Staging a home can be an incredibly daunting task. While professionals on real estate shows make it look like easy work, deciding how to arrange a home for potential buyers can be a stressful process. Though not an all-encompassing list, the tips listed above can go a long way in providing visitors with an experience that will make them eager to write an offer.

Pennsylvania’s 2018 Highest-Ranked Homeowner’s Insurance Companies

Pennsylvania’s 2018 Highest-Ranked Homeowner’s Insurance Companies

Homeowners in Pennsylvania are fortunate that the annual premiums for their insurance is an average of $913 per year in comparison to the $1,173 that is the national average, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

However, due to the Quaker State’s increasingly severe weather and climate change, those rates are likely to be going up. How much you pay depends on the size of your home, the amounts of the coverages, the address, and your assets.

The following summaries may help you decide what the best insurance is for you.

Erie Insurance

Although Erie Insurance is the state’s second-largest provider, it is at the top of this list because its standard policy includes coverages for which other insurers charge extra. Some insurers pay only part of what it costs to rebuild a house, but Erie offers a 100 percent guaranteed replacement cost coverage and includes coverage for valuables.

Erie has an A+ rating from A.M. Best, which means that it is financially stable to pay its claims, received a rare four out of five points from J.D. Power on its claims process and overall consumer experience, and Consumer Reports gave it a rating of “Excellent” for both timely claims and its claims process.

State Farm

The state’s largest provider, it has the highest financial stability rating, A++, from A.M. Best, a four out of five for overall consumer experience and a three out of five for its claims process from J.D. Power, and Consumer Reports gave it a “Very Good” for both timely payments and its claims process. You have to pay extra for valuables coverage, and it has fewer discounts than Erie.


A.M. Best gave Allstate an A+ financial stability rating, J.D. Power gave three out of five points in claims process and overall experience, and Consumer Reports rated its payment speed and claims process as “Very Good.” Allstate has a basic policy, and additional coverage for valuables, protection from sewer and water damage, identity theft, and for electronic data recovery. There are discounts for maintaining a smoke-free home and auto paying your premiums.

Liberty Mutual

Their A rating reflects a solid level of financial stability. It earned three out of five points from J.D. Power for its claim process and overall experience, and ratings of “Very Good” on payment speed and claims process from Consumer Reports. The basic policy includes dwelling and personal property coverage, and coverage for valuables is additional. There are discounts for insuring the home to 100 percent of its value, getting multi-line policies, having fire and burglar alarms, sprinklers, making renovations, and others.

About Jason Cohen Pittsburgh

Jason Cohen is a real estate investor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He created Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, a group of real estate enthusiasts committed to helping others invest in real estate, and he has thrived in the area since 2002.

As Jason’s career has grown and flourished, so has Pittsburgh itself — transforming from an industrial “rust belt” city into a major cultural center abundant with high-end multi-family rental properties. Jason has seamlessly handled the dynamic nature of Pittsburgh and of the real estate industry in general. A research-driven professional, he consistently enables smart and profitable investments in the area, helping to transform modest properties into high-end rentals in Pittsburgh’s hottest neighborhoods.

Jason Cohen first entered the world of real estate shortly after his graduation from college. He started out by investing in distressed properties in Pennsylvania. After some experience working full-time for a real estate company, he decided to pave his own path in the industry. He has worked as an independent real estate agent and developed the Jason Cohen Pittsburgh team ever since. The team consists of highly qualified investors, property managers, leasing agents, and contractors.

Over the course of his career Jason has become highly proficient in acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships, multifamily real estate investments, asset repositioning, real estate management, real estate brokerage, and new construction. He has excelled in high-level investment strategies, but is also no stranger to “ground work” when it comes to the industry. He is well-versed in each step of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh’s unique system: researching local areas and investing in properties, performing renovations to transform these properties from dilapidated eyesores into high-end units, and ultimately repositioning the properties for maximum profit in renting and selling.




Jason Cohen Pittsburgh is the group of choice for anyone who needs advice, analysis and due diligence, and general expertise in matters of investing, whether they are short-term or long-term. Jason Cohen Pittsburgh has dealt with properties in a variety of neighborhoods throughout parts of Pittsburgh, including the South Side, Oakland, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Mt. Lebanon, and Regent Square. Each and every one of these locations, paired with Jason’s overall knowledge of real estate investing, has allowed him to play a part in restoring Pittsburgh’s place as one of the most popular cities in the United States.

This blog will share news, updates, and insights regarding Pittsburgh and its real estate market from the perspective of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh. Stay tuned!