As in any business, there are a few key rules to success that only life or a seasoned mentor can show you.

Failure leads to Confidence

At this point, it’s no secret that failure is a part of success. Every wealthy entrepreneur in the last century has shared similar insight. Yet, what is it about failure that pushes people to succeed?

For Tami Pardee, the more you fail, the less insecure you feel about it because you learn to keep moving forward. The weight of insecurity lessens as you shift your focus away from the failure and onto the lessons learned. It’s easier to know the next step you should take after some perspective. Similarly, Barbara Corcoran has noticed that incredibly successful real estate agents are those who take minimal to no time feeling bad for themselves after a failure.

Power Posing

Some people fake it ‘til they make it, but Amy Cuddy suggests faking it ‘til you become it. Blame it on gender, personality, or upbringing but some people naturally stand out while others instinctively cower and hate to be seen. To make it as an agent, however, you have to place yourself in a powerful position.

Clients read body language on a subconscious level and will make instantaneous decisions based on that. No one will trust you with their money if you don’t look confident in yourself. The nonverbal cues you emit play a major factor in whether your business will succeed or not.

Social Media for Business

Unfortunately, not everyone that masters the power pose of business or accepts failures as natural motivators succeed in real estate. People have to know who you are to do business with you. And so, here comes the power of social media.

Gary Vaynerchuk has made a profitable living using both social media and his marketing skills. According to Vaynerchuk, you have to be the chief information officer of your business. Giving people an inside look at how you operate your business creates trust, transparency, but above all, content. And content is king in these social media days.

The bottom line is to not let others or fear of failure control you. According to Corcoran, as long as you keep moving forward, you’ll always reach the finish line.