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Realtors Should Never Make These Social Media Mistakes

Thirty years ago, the best – and perhaps only – way to quickly find a potential home was to make an appointment with a local real estate agent and search for promising listings together. Now, however, the searcher is at an advantage; according to a survey published by the National Association of Realtors in 2016, a full 44% of buyers searched online before reaching out to an agent. Listing information is literally at a buyer’s fingertips; with a few quick clicks or swipes, a buyer can see home options in her preferred neighborhood and come to a real estate agents with a few options already in mind.

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh Presents: How to Revitalize a Property Without Breaking the Bank

Renovating houses for sale is all the rage on reality television. Dirt-cheap fixer-uppers turn with seeming ease into beautifully expensive homes on-screen, and audiences wonder if they can turn the same profit as their favorite on-screen stars. Unfortunately, the numbers are against aspiring home-flippers. When Jason Cohen of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh strategizes, he always reminds his advisees that 12% of flipped homes sell at a breakeven or loss price even before calculating for expenses.


This is Jason Cohen’s first post on his blog dedicated to news and updates in the Pittsburgh real estate market. Come back soon to see new posts.